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Nylon Bags with One Clear Side and Patches

$10.00 - $22.00
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Our Nylon bags with patches on the single clear PVC side is available in 4 sizes and are a must have for special events and everyday. Use these dupes as the perfect gift for events like Weddings, Engagement Parties, Bridal Showers, Bachelorettes Parties, Birthdays, Graduation and Christmas. You can Personalize your Nylon Bag by selecting the bag color from the drop down and the size and number of letters you'd like the bag to have. Then follow the instructions on the personalization box to tell us the letters and the colors for each. If you do not add colors for each letter we will select them for you to compliment the color of your bag. All Words / Names will be centered on the Clear PVC unless specified. Be hero on Christmas this year with this great personalized gift for your daughter, granddaughter, wife, mom sister or friend.

Letters are different sizes so depending on the letters picked below is what can typically fit. We'll reach out to you if this occurs to select an alternative.

Small: 1 Letters
Medium: 4 Letters
Large: 5 Letters
Extra Large: 5 Letters

LETTERS ARE NOT SEWN ON, but attached with strong adhesive for long lasting durability. We're happy to add any name, initials, monograms or descriptive work of what your storing or using the bag for. Some popular options include: SPF, SUN, FUN, POOL, MRS, BRIDE, CORDS, WIRES, TOYS, STUFF, LAKE, BEACH, GYM, CLASS, GLAM, SMILE, FACE, SKIN, TRAVEL, DAY, NIGHT and BED.

Small: 4.75" Wide x 5.15 Tall x 2" Deep
Medium: 9.5" Wide x 5.25 Tall x 2" Deep
Large: 10.5" Wide x 6" Tall x 3.25" Deep
Extra Large: 11" Wide x 8" Tall x 5" Deep

7 Colors of Bags Available: White, Black, Navy, Lavender, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Mint
9 Patch Colors Available: White, Black, Lavender, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Aqua, Yellow, Orange, Green

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