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Pineapple Bolt On Bag Charm

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Personalize your Bogg Bag or Simply Southern Tote with our Pineapple Bag Charm.   These look great with Bogg bits, Simply Tote Screws, our monogram hanging charms and of course with our huge variety of bolt on charms.  It seems like just about everyone has a Bogg bag on the beach today so tell your story and personalize your beach tote with a multiple charms.  Each of our charms comes with a Bag Bolt on the bag.  Our bag tags are made of acrylic and our bag bolts are made of molded plastic, these means you do not have to worry about them melting in a hot car or on a hot beach like cheaper 3D printed variations.  
 Our Screw on design means this will fit Bogg Bags, Simply Southern Totes and any other type of bag Hole that is is 12MM (.47 inches) or larger and you never have to worry about your charm falling off.  
Charm Design: Pineapple
Colors: Gold Mirror on White
Dimensions: 3.25" Tall X 2" Wide
Bag not included.

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